HR data import

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HR data import


Import files act as interfaces between two systems.

They contain data from another application with the purpose of importing them into Nethris Internet Suite.  

Things to remember

A user must have a Complete access to Personal information (Administration > User profile > Access to functions > Confidential data section) and a HR import access to import HR data.

Compatible file format

The file format compatible with Nethris Internet Suite is a file with field delimiters (*.txt) or Excel (.xls, .xlsx).

Things to remember

To find out more about the import file parameters, refer to the Importing – HR Data template, (docum > Documentation > Heading 7.4 HR Import - Template).



It is recommended to finalize all modifications and employee file creations before starting the payroll. However, if you have started your payroll (payroll status: “In progress”) it is always possible to make modifications, additions or terminations.

The import of employee files and position data must be done from two distinctive files.

Import of employee files:

oIf the structure fields or other values associated with the position are missing from the import file, the default value selected for the Position management is taken into consideration. The Position management option is defined in the Configuration of business options function (Administration menu).

oIf the default value for the Position management is:

Position and its values, the position and all associated values will be imported into the employee file.

Position and structure only, the position and its corresponding structure will be imported into the employee file.

For a modification, if one of the fields associated with the position is blank, the value on file will be kept.

For a hire, if a mandatory field associated with the position is blank, an error message will be generated.

oThe import results screen will allow for the correction and modification of the employee’s organizational structure. If you do not have access to the Modify the organizational structure of the employee file function:

When hiring an employee, if there is no structure in the definition of the position, you will need to enter a position with a structure.

When modifying or hiring an employee, the organizational structure must correspond to the one recorded in the position.

oImport of positions. When importing an updated field common to both the position and the employment profile, mass modifications to employee files will occur automatically. The list of modified employee files will be available in the Batch modification results section (HR > Positions).

The following fields enable you to make a future modification:

oAddress and telephone change date. The future modification will automatically be created when the date is subsequent to the current date.

oSalary change date and Position change date. The future modification will automatically be created when the date is subsequent to the end date of the current pay period.

For more information on the future modifications, you can consult the User Help (Access: Icon docum > Help) from the Employment and compensation screen (HR > Employment profile).

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Configuring default import parameters

Correcting HR import data

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